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Common FAQ

Here are some common question that our customers will ask before moving in. We hope you find this useful for you, if you cannot find the answer you need, you can always contact us.

Sizes and Renting Duration

What storage sizes are available?

The sizes can range from 14 sf feet to as big as 160 sf.

What is the minimum storage period?

The minimum period at Flexi Storage is 1 month.

Accessibility and Security

How often can I access my goods?

At Flexi Storage you can visit your goods any day and time of the year, including public holidays.

How secure are the storage units?

Flexi Storage does not take safety lightly therefore we have guards, passcode addresses as well as an infinite CCTV for security measures.

Rates and Payment

What are the rates for renting a unit?

At Flexi storage it depends on the size of your unit as well as the duration. Units can go from as low as RM50. Quote estimations are available at the website, please use to your convenience.

What are the payment options available?

Like our name we have a few options, we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, as well as cheque.

What other payments are required when renting a unit?

At Flexi Storage we have a one-time administrative charge, refundable security deposit and acquire no hidden cost.

Are there any discounts or special promotions offered?

Occasionally there will be discounts and special promotions given to Flexi Storage customer.

Termination and Extension

How long prior should I give notice to terminate a storage unit?

At Flexi Storage, you are required to give a 2 weeks in advance notice, informing us of your intention to move-out.

How do I extend my renting duration?

At Flexi Storage, the contract will be renewed automatically monthly, unless given instructions or notification of your intention to move-out.


What are the documentations I need when renting a unit?

For businesses, an updated copy of Suruhanjava Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), company stamp and GST number as well as a copy of IC or passport of authorized personnel. As for personal or student storage, a copy of IC or passport is necessary upon renting a storage unit.

Copyright © 2023 BY FLEXI STORAGE. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2023 BY FLEXI STORAGE. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2023 BY FLEXI STORAGE.
All Rights Reserved.